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TIA-CO statement

The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado opposes Amendment 48 because it has far-reaching consequences for important life decisions. Amendment 48 would eliminate a woman's right to make personal, private decisions about her life according to her own faith. A woman should have the right to make decisions about her own health care with her doctor, her family, and her God without government intrusion.

In addition, amending the constitution is serious business and Amendment 48 would be a legal nightmare. This amendment would impose the beliefs of one religious group over all others and it would enshrine a particular religious viewpoint in our constitution. By giving legal rights to fertilized eggs, this amendment goes too far.

TIA-CO opposes deceptive personhood initiative

This fall, Colorado voters will be asked to change our constitution.  Amendment 48 would define “person” and grant constitutional rights from the “moment of fertilization.” 

Giving legal rights to fertilized eggs has serious consequence for important life decisions.  Amendment 48 would impact literally thousands of laws—from when property rights are granted, to inheritance rights, to who can file a lawsuit.  Because of these broad implications, Amendment 48 will clog our courts and allow for lawsuits against anyone associated with a woman’s health. Coloradans need to protect the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. Amendment 48 would ban all abortion—even for victims of rape and incest or when a woman’s life is at risk.  It may outlaw emergency contraception, birth control pills, and other methods of birth control because they can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.  A woman with cancer could be refused life saving medical treatment because it could put a fertilized egg in danger. These difficult decisions should be made by individuals, their doctors, their faith leaders and families--not extremists rewriting the state constitution. A woman should have the right to make her own health care decisions with her doctor, family, and her God, without government intrusion.

The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado opposes Amendment 48 because it simply goes too far.  We’ve joined the Protect Families Protect Choices coalition to help defeat this dangerous intrusive amendment.  The coalition is a broad-based bi-partisan coalition of nurses, doctors, religious leaders, community groups, and health advocacy organizations.  

To learn more about Amendment 48, volunteer, or donate visit or call 1-866-321-3521 (toll free) or 303-813-7706 (Denver local).

Press coverage

9/11/08: Jeremy Shaver, TIA-CO's Director of Outreach and Communications, is quoted as follows in a Rocky Mountain News article headlined Foes: Amendment 48 goes 'too far': "Jeremy Shaver, director of community outreach for the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, said government should not be the arbiter in personal health decisions. 'A family facing a medical crisis . . . should be able to turn to their doctor, their family, their pastor for guidance,' he said. 'Not government, courts and lawyers.'"

9/11/08: Shaver is quoted in ‘Personhood’ draws ire, Group blasts ballot measure, Denver Daily News

8/30/08: The Rev. Patrick O. Hurley is quoted in this article in the Pueblo Chieftan: Pulpit at the polls? Amendment 48 poses ethical, medical questions.

8/26/08: Past President Maureen McCormack and Jeremy Shaver, TIA-CO's Director of Outreach and Communications, were interviewed for the State of Belief radio show on their reactions to August 24th's Interfaith Gathering - the first event of the Democratic National Convention. Donna Redwing with the Interfaith Alliance was the roving reporter. Here is the link to the State of Belief blog that contains links to our remarks:

5/30/08: TIA-CO's President, the Rev. Patrick Hurley, as well as two members of the Board of Directors, are directly quoted in this story from The Colorado Independent.

How to Help

To volunteer, please contact Jeremy Shaver, TIA-CO’s Director of Outreach and Communications, at 303-733-4089. To donate, please contact Protect Families Protect Choice at or call 1-866-321-3521.

Protect Families Protect Choice

Resolution in Opposition to the 2008 Proposed Anti-Women’s Health Constitutional Amendment

WHEREAS The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado is an organization working to promote the health and well-being of women and families in Colorado;

WHEREAS Coloradans deserve access to safe and confidential reproductive health care services free from harassment or politically motivated restrictions; 

WHEREAS we oppose unnecessary risks to and undue burdens on people seeking health care;

WHEREAS we oppose criminalizing doctors and medical staff for providing legal and what is now constitutionally protected care to women;

WHEREAS we oppose unwarranted governmental intrusion into people’s most personal and private decisions;

WHEREAS we oppose using the constitution to deny health care to women and their families and in such a way to have sweeping unintended consequences for the people of the state of Colorado.

THEREFORE be it now RESOLVED, that The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado officially declares its opposition to the proposed Anti-women’s Health Constitutional Amendment and, through the coalition of organizations opposing this measure, will work to contribute resources, help raise money for and/or educate its members, as well as the people of Colorado, about this ballot initiative; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution will be transmitted to the coalition opposing this measure, so that they may use our organization’s name in their efforts to organize additional groups and individuals to work for its defeat.

The Rev. Patrick O. Hurley, President, The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado